Seydou Coulibaly

Since emmigrating to America, Seydou has been teaching at Brown University, the arts magnet Roger Williams Middle School in Providence, the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center at the National Theatre Institute in Waterford, Connecticut, and at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has held the position of Artist-in-Residence at multiple schools throughout New England including The Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut, The Windsor School in Boston, Massachusetts, and The Swinburne School in Foster,RI. He teaches classes in Rhode Island which are open to the public are on Sundays at Ashamu Dance Center. In addition to his teaching career, Seydou dances and choreographs for Babemba USA, a world music and dance ensemble, and he has recently reestablished his company Komme Djosse in the United States.

Seydou was educated according to ancient tradition; receiving an education from village elders, traditional rituals, initiations into secret societies, and master dance teachers in the Segu region of Mali. As a result of his studies, all of his work is thoroughly researched and heavily steeped in folkloric tradition. With his knowledge, Seydou is able to maintain the distinction between Malian dance and culture and that of the surrounding West African countries. He and his wife Michelle host yearly cultural trips to Mali (in August) to study drumming, dance, and Mande culture.