The following works weave together specific historic, national and global concerns with film documentation, stark imagery, and high- energy music and dance to bring awareness to import issues. Each new work strives to educate through a sensitization of thought, and by doing so, provoke questions, dialogues, and activism. 

The Bloodline Project (2008)explores Nature’s sublime elegance and intelligence to teach us the complexities of infectious dis-ease in West Africa, with a plea for preventive measures and intervention in effectively treating malaria and other endemic diseases. The Bloodline Project traveled and toured to Mali, West Africa in the summer of 2008 to engage in a transnational collaboration with healthcare workers, artist/activists, community and public health leaders, and local communities to create and present educational programs on Malaria prevention...Read More

The Songbird (2007) is a celebration of the American family. Dances, songs and stories from pre-revolutionary Russia, Ethiopia, West Africa, Appalachia, and American urban centers are supported by archival photos, memoires, and personal narratives across generations.

Sacrifice of Marrow (2006) is a 45- minute movement theatre piece that explores the sights and sounds of pre-coup d’etat Mali, West Africa. In the early months of 1991, students, labor organizers, community leaders, artists and human rights activists organized protests and the eventual overthrow of the corrupt dictatorship of General Moussa Traore. It was not uncommon for those opposed to his rule to disappear in the night without a trace and for family members to find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. 

Melting Into Glass (2005) exists as a rhythmic poem where images unfold to the sonorities of a haunting cello score. Melting Into Glass explores the plight of refugee populations across the world, internally displaced people, and the struggles a family faces as they are pulled apart from home by our addictions to war. The search for cultural memory, home, and place are mirrored by refugee texts and letters of love sent from the front. 

Dreamscapes from the Famished Road (2005) explores the infant mortality crisis in West Africa, the rise of Neo-cons and the cost of political fanaticism to our humanity through the fusion of Mande proverb, song, and music with American vernacular and spoken word verse. 

Panya Machette (2004) takes place on the Street, where economic, social, political, and personal narratives intermingle. The staged images are inspired by traditional CAribbean folklore, contemporary prose, and scenes of "children of the night", those street children who have been exploited by church and state.