UTRA 2009: Project MBC

Three Students were recipients of Brown University's prestigious Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award for "Project MBC," an extension of The Bloodline Project.

Below is information about their project and links to their individual bios and sub-projects.
Michele Baer
Matthew Garza: "Mali Music Project: Empowerment Through Music and Song"
Remy Fernandez O'brien

Project MBC
Against the backdrop of rich cultures and limited resources, out team aims to foster healthy conversations, consistent cognizance, and sustainable programs in Bamako, Mali, through service and interdisciplinary research in the performing arts and the fields of education, linguistics, gender studies, anthropology, and ethnography. Our team plans to look at how the power of performance provokes social action through deliberation, education and collaboration, through our own individual research.

Our hope is to organize a festival to serve the Brown community to generate interest and awareness in Mali through a traditional festival. In order to raise money for some prevalent needs in Bamako (orphanage renovations, malaria netting, and solar energy, to name a few), the Festival would include performances, community ritual, workshops, panels, films, talk/backs and numerous guest artists from around the globe to engage the Brown and Providence community in social service.